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If you have a passion for healthy living, NIN provides you an access towards your health needs through our Health Shop, where we have verities of organic food items & Naturopathy equipment. We are also proud to introduce to you over 200 health books in various languages written by eminent experts from the field.

The Health Shop products improve your health and wellbeing and leads you to a safe & effective health care system. You will feel happy for each rupee you spent.


About 500 titles of books on Naturopathy, Yoga & other related drugless therapies and all books in English, Hindi and Marathi are sold at 10% discount.

Sometimes very subtle changes in our diet & lifestyle can make a huge difference in our health & quality of life. Here is a place to begin the change. Our humble efforts are to serve you a natural but, delicious variety dishes that serves you better calories with palatable taste, prepared under the guidance of qualified & experienced Naturopathy Doctors

Step in to our Natural Diet Centre, where we provide you healthy natural food from breakfast to dinner, all time food. The naturopathic snacks like Laddus, Sweet pancake, Veg Idli, Uttapam, Thali (Lunch), Fresh Juices etc. replenishes you & make you feel better.

Activities of Diet Centre :
  • Break fast, Naturopathy Thali, Natural Snacks, Fresh Juices.
  • On order Naturopathy Thali will be parceled to different companies.
Special Activities :

Natural Health Food Fair :

Variety Food Exhibition and Yog Naturopathy seminar is unique introduction of NIN conducted in different parts of the country to attract people towards healthy food habits and eating

Cookery Classes for general public to educate the public on healthy Cooking.


Knowledge is always a treasure, the best way of processing it is by reading books. A good book can be highly satisfying, can teach you things beyond your daily horizons, cultivate your habit and guide you on the right path. Reading is one of the best hobbies one can cultivate.

NIN offers you an opportunity to enhance your knowledge with its updated library, which have a collection of more than 9000 Books on Naturopathy, Yoga and other Health topics of general interest. We are subscribing more than 80 monthly Magazines which includes National/ International Journal, Periodicals and Magazines.

We provide reading facility and take away home facility. You can find Medical Books, Books on Nutrition and health, Diet Recipe Books, Books on Fasting Therapy, Yoga, Massage, Physiotherapy, Medical Magazines through which one can develop their knowledge for leading a healthy life.

Receiving monthly 80 National / International periodicals like Health magazines / Journals etc. More...>

Updates of Available Books.

Monday to Saturday Timings: 11 AM to 6.00 PM

 Membership Fee
1 year Rs. 300/-
6 months Rs. 200/-
3 Months Rs. 100/-
 Refundable Deposit Rs.500/-


Free Residential Re-Orientation Programmes are conducted every year for practising Naturopaths to upgrade and update their knowledge and skill. Generally Four to Five Programmes are being conducted every year. For more information Contact Director, NIN

About 50 to 100 practitioners are given such training annually.


VCD on NIN and its activities along with various treatment modalities is available for sale @ Rs. 60/- each.

This is informative not only on various activities of NIN but gives you a detailed knowledge about the principles and practices in Naturopathy with practical demo of treatment MODALITIES in Naturopathy. More...>
 Women Empowerment Programs

NIN provides empowerment programs for the women, throughout India through its Women Component Programs. The aims of conducting the Women Component Programs are to introduce changes in women's mobility, social interaction, their access over resources, and to improve their decision making ability , It involves power to, power with and power within.
 CME for practicing Naturopaths

NIN extends its services by conducting in house and out station orientation programs for practicing Naturopaths to update and strengthen them. This will help to expose them to the current issues in the upcoming health field, management of current problems and information upon the developments in the medical world especially Naturopathy.
 NIN Medi Gym

Fitness is not only having a structured body, it encompasses stamina, strength, endurance, flexibility and mental make up which overall gives a healthy complete fitness in which both mental and physical fitness workout to make you a different personality.
Our Specialties:
  • Personal training by qualified BNYS Doctors.
  • Complete counseling on Diet and Lifestyle .
  • Attractive packages which include Naturopathy treatment to keep you slim and fit.
  • Balanced training at physical and mental level.
  • Coaching on individual muscle group developments.
  • Specialized training for paralytic patients on rehabilitation.

Our primary concern is to make an impact on the society with fitness awareness to lead you to a proper disease free life.

Normal Charges Rs. 300/- per month
Special Charges Rs. 500/- per month
 Refundable Deposit Rs.500/-

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